How to Unfreeze Instagram Account

Instagram Account is frozen? Learn how to unfreeze your Instagram account, engage more audience, and get more likes & comments.

Instagram is a social networking platform used by numerous social media influencers and creators as their primary platform. Instagram has gained immense popularity, that there is rarely a social person not having an account on Instagram.

It is home to thousands and lakhs of social media influencers. And has proven to be one of the most creative and influential social media platforms for businesses, creators, and ordinary people as well. It allows you to post pictures and videos and market your brands on Instagram, sell your products, or simply reach out to people more effectively.

How Instagram Accounts Freeze?


Some people are used to posting daily videos and pictures on Instagram. However, their content doesn’t get viral or get sufficient engagements. On the other hand, some influencers immediately receive amazing reactions as and when they post.

It can also happen when they have many inactive followers or have non relevant audience. One other reason can be a frozen or shadow banned instagram account. Let’s see how instagram accounts can freeze:

  • Posting Content in Violation of Instagram’s Community Guidelines
  • Posting Spammy Content
  • Using Unauthorized Automation Tools or Bots
  • Copyright Infringements
  • Suspicious Login Activity

How to Unfreeze Instagram Account in 2024

Sometimes what happens is your videos or pictures don’t get enough or expected likes, and the number of views and comments reduces. And at such a time Instagram notifies you that it has been frozen but there are many ways to unfreeze your account.

Maintain a Consistent Posting Schedule


A lack of engagement simply means a dead Instagram account. So, when you notice that you are not getting engagement, not getting exposure, or your account appears dead then it all can be boiled down to the posting schedule you follow. It is very important to post things regularly because if you are not very regular in posting then the people who follow you will get a little confused and will not be attentive to when your new content is coming.

So, it’s very clear by now that it all depends greatly on the algorithm in which you serve your content as it is important to serve your content to the right people at the right time.

In the case when you fail to maintain the algorithm then nobody including your followers will know when to expect any content from you as they are obviously in most the cases will not go to check your profile if there is something new.

Post More Video Content

Post videos instead of photos because there is no doubt that videos are going to be the future of the content. With the ban of TikTok and the start of reels on Instagram, videos are now adapted widely by all the people across different places. So, if you focus on posting more videos this will help you to keep people longer on Instagram and make them more engaged with your content.

Post using Facebook Business Suite


Facebook has its tool that schedules your content, plans your content on a grid, and more. Preventing you to rely on any third-party applications. Facebook is going to push towards you the creator using its software. But when you use a third-party application and software you get a risk of getting lesser exposure, fewer followers, less exposure, and more. It is just in Facebook’s favor to see that you’re posting directly or manually on the platform or using its software to schedule and plan your content.

Engage with Others


There are some ways you can get over a frozen account but if in case nothing happens after following all this, you still don’t get the engagement that is needed and your dead account is still not revived. Then you can go ahead and engage with the other people first and they will likely engage back as at the end of the day Instagram is a social media platform and you can take benefit of that fact.

This will not just help you to bring your content to the notice of a lot more people, and bring more eyes to your profile but also help you to socialize with other people, meet other creators who may be in the same field as you, and then come up with amazing collaborations or even get a shoutout. That will add to your popularity and help you to increase your content views and likes.

Respond to your audience


Make sure to maintain a great relationship with your audience. It is a great idea to talk to the people who follow you. Sometimes replying to your DMs and responding to their reactions in the comment section is also nice.

You can even visit their profile and like some of their posts. This will show that you care about them and you are there for them. Doing all this will assure you that they will love to come back to you. Keep an eye on what you are posting and will help you to promote what you share.

Remove Inactive Followers

Some people follow you aren’t active on Instagram or they are simply irrelevant for the type of content you share on your page/profile. As such, they are ghost followers.

When you post anything new and it gets displayed in their feed, they don’t even see it and that signals the Instagram that your content is not getting the required engagement and is not very valuable to the audiences, to the people who follow you. That prevents the algorithm to go ahead and push it beyond your followers to new people and earn you some new exposure from the new audiences.

Report to Instagram Support

After trying out the above mentioned ideas if you still can’t solve your problem then you can report your issue to the Instagram support as a recourse to unfreeze your account.

  1. Take a screenshot of your Instagram account.
  2. Take a screenshot of your video or picture that has got the least number of likes and views.
  3. Go to Instagram> Settings.
  • In the setting section click on “Help” to report a problem.
  • Click on “Report a problem” and then report what problem you are facing. There will be three options choose the last one.
  • Now click on the Gallery tab and then add all the screenshots that you have clicked earlier.
  • Write down the explanation of your problem.
  • Submit your situation when you are aware that you will be active on Instagram.


What is an Instagram freeze?

Instagram account freeze is simply your account being frozen which prevents you from getting a high number of views, likes, comments, and followers.

What happens when the account is frozen?

When Instagram is frozen, you don’t get enough views, likes, and comments.

How to know if your Instagram is frozen?

If you’re not getting new audience watching or engaging on your public content then there are major chances that your account is frozen.

Does your content start getting likes after you unfreeze it?

Definitely. Once you unfreeze your Instagram account your content will get more likes, plenty of views, and comments.


Instagram is one of the most influential tools for many brands and companies. Its users post various types of videos and reels to attract a great number of audiences. But to reach out to this audience, they require likes, views, and comments on their content.

However, sometimes views get stuck, and it’s called “Instagram Account Freeze” or “Instagram Inactive Account”. In the above-discussed article, we discussed the Instagram freeze and how to unfreeze it.

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