Social Media Management Tips and Tricks for Beginners 2022

Social Media Management Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Some will say it’s quite easy and some will put their hands down when it comes to effective social media management. Social media marketing is an art where you not only grow your social media channels but also build a brand that sells. If you do it the right way you are certain to get a good amount of business.

But the question is how? how to do social media marketing effectively? how to manage social media? how to create social media strategy?

And all these questions block us from all sides. To be true there is no roadmap to success in social media. One set of strategies can not be applied to the other. Possibly that is the reason many people fail to get the juice of social media.

To get success in social media marketing, don’t think from a business perspective. Think from the audience’s perspective. You will need to see what I will want to see if I am looking for this product or service. So, when you put the shoes of your customers then you will realize your marketing mistakes. Blocking your ear for the viewer’s feedback can ruin your marketing plans. It is not you who will make the strategy for your social media plan. It is your visitors and customers who will decide your strategy.

When you start following the norms of your customers you are ready to have an impact on their minds. And this impact ultimately makes your social media marketing strategy successful.

Having said that there is no roadmap, we can only conclude the tips and tricks that can make your social media marketing effective.

23 Social Media Marketing Tips and Tricks for Beginners 2022

Determine Social Media Channel

As a beginner in social media marketing, you can not focus on multiple social media channels. Even it is not recommended by many experts.

Thus, it is always mandatory to decide(choose) your social media channel which can best perform for your audience. It can be either Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, or any other social media channel.

Many marketers in their start do this mistake and end up with great frustration. So, it is better to start with only one or possibly two social media channels.

To decide your social media channel, you can analyze your type of business. Suppose you have a photography business, wedding business then I would recommend going with Instagram because of the fact that Instagram possesses a great amount of millennial audience and it is the best photo/video sharing platform.

On the other hand, if you have a real estate business, opting to market your business on Facebook can never be a bad idea. Thus, you will need to analyze your niche and choose your social media channel.

As per my experience, people prefer to go with Facebook and Instagram, as they are some way or the other connected with each other. On Instagram, you can simultaneously post on the Facebook page.

Design Your Profile

The next big step to your social media marketing is to optimize and design your social media profile for the viewers. It is an essential step to leave an impact on the viewers’ minds when they see your page.

Optimizing your social media profile also helps to get ranking on social media search results and even search engine search results for your business(brand) keywords.

But, How to optimize? you asked a nice question.

It is very simple to design and optimize your profile. All you have to do is, set up your logo or profile picture, write a nice, catchy and impactful tagline, bio, caption, or description for your page. Share the contact information, include website links so that your visitors may contact you for the services.

You can also update the timing as to when your business will be open(active) for any inquiries and meetups, on the platforms which allow you do to so.

People love stories. If you have a story to connect with your viewers, then you must share it with your audience.

Invite Your Friends

Once you are completed with the above two steps, you can go ahead and invite your friends and colleagues to go and follow your social media page. You can also ask your business contacts to like/follow your social media account.

Inviting your existing friends to follow the page allows you to have initial likes on your page. This way you get some audience to whom you can start serving the content and keep on your work to grow more.

Many people don’t know that they can also merge their profile to a Facebook page. Interestingly, without asking your friends to like the page you will find your friends liking that merged page. To make this simple, if you have 2000 friends then if you create a page out of your profile you will get a page with 2000 initial likes. Isn’t that crazy? Click here to migrate

Link to Website

If you have a website for your business, then make sure to add active links to your social media pages. Sometimes, your user wants to track your social media activities and wants to see your creative freedom and approach.

Let them see and join you on social media by providing working links to social pages. Additionally, you can also add a social media chat widget to your website so that your website viewers may join your page and message you right from the website.

Analyze your competitors

Competition analysis is a very important process if you want to get success in your business. If you are new on social media with your business having an idea to promote it, then see your competitors as your teachers. Because they might be doing it for a long time.

And this time may have given them the experience to understand the social environment. You have to analyze them and see what is working best for them. In short, your competitors can tell you what no other institution will tell you.

Share Interesting Content

Many social media tactics fail due to a lack of engaging content. Curating content for social media pages is sometimes a hectic process. It involves research and analysis.

If you follow the above point, analyzing your competitors, you can easily overcome this. Your competitors can tell you what you can share. If you rely on only marketing content and don’t impress your audience with creativity, you will fail to establish a connection and lose foreseeable potential customers.

UI Design for Posts

Sometimes, your level of creativity depends upon your designs as well. For photographers, only high-quality creative posts can help set up a connection with the audience. In the same way, for businesses high-quality attractive design posts can help to leave an impression on the audience.

So, even if you are a beginner, you must not overlook the designs and colors for your posts. You can use some good graphic design applications or software for creating your social media posts.

There are many applications that help you create social media posts like Canva, Pixellab, Picsart or you can use Illustrator or Photoshop that we use for our clients.

Post Frequently

If you post frequently on your social media pages, you ensure activeness. This activeness in return helps you to get huge visibility across your followers.

On adverse, if you post taking long gaps, you are not only diminishing your reach and engagements but also going to lose your followers. However, don’t mistake it to do it excessively. There should be some balance. You must analyze what goes best for you.

It depends on the page that you have. For example, entertainment pages can share more than 5 posts a day easily but a business or brand can’t because their posts include marketing material, less value to the users, including a thrust to buy(sometimes), thus, it is advisable to analyze your page properly to decide your post frequency.

Don’t Overdo Marketing (hard Selling)

Seriously, you will need to stop yourself. Yes, you are doing a great mistake. Marketing your services and products on every post or majority of posts can be really a bad idea.

You can share customer response posts, testimonial photos/videos but hard-selling your posts every time will leave a very bad impression about you among your audience.

You can share your work, portfolio but the urge to buy your products may seem cheap to your audience. We understand that the goal is to increase sales and turn social media into lead generation machines but seriously you can not show your marketing goals upfront.

The more you focus on the social responsibility to your customers, the faster the growth you will be able to record.

Be Active

Being active on your social media can turn the dice towards your side. By being active I mean to constantly create and share posts, analyze the competitors, implement action plans, and strategically grow the pages.

To become active on your social media accounts, you can update your stories frequently, comment on others’ posts, like others’ posts, frequently post, and more.

Social Media Tools

There is a number of reputed social media software and tools with the help of which brands are growing faster than ever before. You can also use these social media management tools to ensure better management of your multiple accounts.

With these online tools, you can track your progress, schedule your social media campaigns, manage posts with social media calendar, automate your social activities, and much more.

If you think social media management is hard, these social media tools will prove you wrong.

Repost (give them credit)

You can also grow your social media by reposting other people’s posts that are in the same line of business. This way you not only attract the audience of others but also ensure active engagement and frequent posting.

There are also long-term effects of it where you enjoy the increasing trust and goodwill for your brand.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing, not a new but trending way of marketing, can be exercised to give a boost to your goodwill and trust. You can interact with micro-influencers and macro-influencers to collaborate with them for the growth of your business.

Social Media Automation

Automation is social media can do wonders for any business and profile. Many businesses are still unaware of the power and effectiveness of social media automation.

With social media automation, one can easily perform actions like auto likes, auto comments, auto unfollow, auto messages, auto-follow, and much more. The emphasis is always on the question as to how to make the social media automation process more personalized.

Make Use of Quotes

When your users are pissed off with the marketing material you are putting in front of them every time. It is a great opportunity to impress them and rebuild the connection by sharing some nice quotations that can be business-related, life-related, or motivation-related.

It is a proven idea to ensure better engagements on the posts. By doing this, businesses are able to touch the emotional wire among the audience and urge them indirectly to support the page and like the posts.

Join Groups to Promote Content

Don’t limit yourself to your page only, when you have the option to join the relevant groups and market your service.

Joining new groups to promote your content provides you with showcasing your content to the new audience and driving new traffic to your page and posts.

However, to make this pretty favorable for your brand you need to segregate those groups which are allowing the posts publishing without approval otherwise you may need to directly get in touch with the admin to let you keep posting.

Use of Hashtags and Post Copy

Many posts on the internet and social media perform better because of their well-written post copies and sometimes hashtags. Don’t take the post copy part just as the formality or leave it blank.

Many social media marketers tend to write the same text as that is available in the visual post itself. I would not say it is totally wrong but it is surely a bad idea. You can always take a moment to think upon a creative headline or say caption for your post which may instigate the users to take some action.

Using hashtags is also smart art. You should never add hashtags ruthlessly. Only use those hashtags which can relate to the post ideas. A couple of relevant hashtags is fine. Don’t use hundreds and thousands of hashtags(exaggeration) in one single post. To find the best relevant hashtags for your posts you take recourse to some tools like hashtagify.

Hashtagify is a very interesting application that helps you to find the most relevant hashtags for your post. It automatically generates hashtags for your posts.

Trim your content

To keep your audience connected with you and make the new audience your follower or subscriber, you can trim down your content and divide it into parts. Now you can ask your viewers to follow you to see the next part.

This is done mostly in videos. However, photo content is not untouched by this concept. You can share the posts in series and share the text like 2/4, 3/4 to let your audience know that there is more which they can see.

Believe me, it is a great way to boost your account and grab new viewers.

Follow other Relevant Accounts

On Instagram, following the relevant competition accounts can help you to a great extent. You can also follow the followers of your competitors with an expectation to get more engagement.

These followers are more likely to follow and like your content because they are already appreciating the content of your competition businesses. But make sure you never overdo it as it may have bad effects in the long term.

If you excessively do it, you can account can be shadowbanned on Instagram.

Offers and Giveaways

If you see that your social media management process is not taking you much far with extreme efforts, you can try offers and giveaways to find the new followers.

It is a working and proven social media tip to get instant and new followers. Many famous businesses already do this regularly to boost up their social insights.

However, an effective social media giveaway campaign can not run in a vacuum. Thus, to make sure people know about your offer you will need to post it on groups, tell the followers to share it heavily by all means. If you have a significantly low audience then you may also need to advertise your social media giveaway campaign.

Never Underestimate Videos

People these days are inclined to the video content. With the videos, brands are able to unveil the hidden stories and create a long-lasting impression among the audience.

Did you see that Samsung India Service Ad which is having more than 200 million views only on YouTube? So, it says about the power of video. And note that it is an advertising campaign.

So, if you come up with a good video idea that consists of an emotional connection, you can project your service to thousands and lacks if not millions.

Keep a balance

Yes, you read that right. When you are auto-following other accounts or manually following them, you will need to care about the ratio. It is recommended to maintain a respectable ratio.

Now, it not only helps you to maintain credibility but also makes the platform happy.


The last tip I would include is consistency. Because many businesses are not able to enjoy social media success because of a lack of consistency. If you are consistently following the right tactics honestly without compromising with anything material, then surely you are going to grow on social media in no time.

I hope you liked these social media marketing tips and tricks for beginners to grow on social media, you can share this post and comment on your thoughts and suggestions in the comment box.

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